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Pegasus 10kph 4 Wheel

Pegasus 10kph 4 Wheel

Stable, Trusty, and Durable

Positioning & Comfort

  • Seats: ergonomically shaped seats with soft padding; recliner lever; and height adjustability – provide optimum comfort and positioning
  • Tiller: ergonomic handlebars, intuitive key pad for comfort & ease of use
  • Chassis: front & rear suspension on both models for a comfortable ride


  • Automatic speed reduction on bends reducing risk of falls/tipping
  • Speed reduction button provides a quick way to halve current speed at the simple touch of a button – handy in crowded areas
  • Handbrake assists the user to stop more suddenly if necessary
  • Brake light with delay warns those behind that the scooter is stopping reducing the risk of collisions
  • Tie-down points to prevent the scooter from moving around when being transported

FREE 24 Hour Roadside Assistance Program* 

We have teamed up with the people at 24/7 Roadservices to bring you PEACE OF MIND. With a Comet or Pegasus mobility scooter purchase, you will receive 12 months 24 hour roadside assistance FREE!*

So not only can you enjoy all the great features offered by our range of mobility scooters, you can rest assured knowing that if anything goes wrong with your mobility scooter, help is just a 1800 number away!

Price: $3800.00 $3200.00



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